Saturday, October 11, 2008

Produce For One

I only needed carrots at the store, but you know its impossible to only buy one item. So, I made a list, but surprisingly, I wasn't very hungry. Maybe it was the stock market roller coaster that upset my stomach. This time I decided to let myself splurge in the produce section. That's not very dangerous for my budget since I hate to waste food and produce goes bad quite quickly. This is what I bought:

4 little golden potatoes (single serving size)

2 Roma tomatoes (because they are small)

3 bananas (I get tired of them quickly)

3 apples (I tried a new kind)

1 yellow squash (can't they grow them any smaller???)

1 bag mini carrots

1 bag clementine tangerines

The apples were called Ambrosia but unfortunately they didn't taste as good as the name, just like normal apples. The mini carrots tasted like chemicals. All summer those carrots have tasted bad but I still buy them hoping the next batch is better. I even bought the organic kind. The other store with better carrots is down the street. Not quite as convenient but at least I won't want to spit the carrots out. The tangerines were $5 for that little bag. I can't wait until I have a permanent place to live where I can plant some fruit trees. I even bought my parents a citrus tree because I wanted one and the seed catalog wouldn't ship to Arizona. (How's the tree Mom? Is it still alive? I'm coming to visit it for Thanksgiving!)

I noticed when I took the picture that all of my produce is yellow, orange and red. That's funny. There is lettuce in there but the iceburg stuff is kind of white. I also bought frozen broccoli, frozen peas and frozen corn. That will last after the fresh stuff is gone. And for my long term fruit, I bought little applesauce cups.

At least when I splurge on fruits and vegetables, they are good for me. And since I bought them at the beginning of my shopping trip, I didn't feel like I needed to reward myself with microwave kettle corn...althought kettle corn sounds good right no...have another tangerine.


Sharon S said...

Hi there-you are so good, well done and very healthy too!

Over the Cubicle Wall said...

I've had similar experiences with baby carrots. For some reason, the whole carrots just taste a lot better to me. As far as apples, I generally just buy what is on sale. I tend to like them all anyway.

Daizy said...

That reminds me, over the cubicle wall, every year I switch to whole carrots for a while when the baby carrots are too awful. I've been too hopeful and stuck with baby carrots too long this year. Next time...whole carrots!