Tuesday, October 7, 2008

More Housing Research

Ok, I'm going to bore you with a few more house pictures. Yesterday I went to see a 2000 model renovated manufactured home for $28k.

It was nice but it reinforced my thought that I could do a better job fixing up my own mobile home.

This is the funky horseshoe shaped bathroom in the master bedroom. The shower is in the middle and you walk around it.

They painted and put in new carpet but it wasn't my style and the workmanship was a bit sloppy. I think I could do better and have fun doing it.

After that, we went to the refurbishing center down the road. This is where they bring the old homes that need to be moved. The ones that don't have to be moved, like the one in the mobile home park above, they just re-do at the park. These other homes are renovated at their big refurbishing center. The ones I saw were quite trashed. The sales lady told me that I could pick out the paint and carpet colors for these homes since they weren't finished yet. They looked like crime scenes. When the homes are all beat up like that they look worse than mine. At least mine doesn't have all the trash inside.

She also let me look inside this really old model. I think it was from the 70's. It was so cute in a retro kind of way. I could tell that some grandmother type lived there and really took care of it.

It was in such good condition for its age. Too bad all the wiring and plumbing is out of date too.

The kitchen had fake brick on the wall and a faux marble desk in the dining area with fake bottle glass in the cabinet.

No, I'm not going to buy it(but I bet I could get it for really cheap).

I also saw an enormous 4 bedroom double wide. She said I could have it for $28k as-is. Uh, no. I'm not in any position to tackle a project like that. It wasn't trashed like the others, it was just huge and ugly. It had giant green/blue shutters and trim and this weird decoration above the windows that looked like a giant crown. If I painted it brown and white and put giant candy on it, it would look like a giant gaudy gingerbread house. I should have taken a picture. Great price though.

So, used manufactured homes in the 2001 and above range are VERY scarce. I could get her to let me know when one comes in but I have pretty much made up my mind to refurbish my own little mobile home. I found some electricians willing to come out here so I'll see what kind of price they can quote me this weekend. I like finding out all of this info and I really like looking at old houses. I guess I'm just nosey. I like to see how other people live.

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