Monday, October 27, 2008

Another Sad Foreclosure Story

My shed's story is a sad one. The shed's original owners were a nice couple living on the east side of the city. They had a modest house on a big lot with pretty hills and cactus. The husband wanted a shed to tinker in and fill with guy stuff. They bought a brand new shed with the extra high roof upgrade and it was assembled behind the house. The husband loved to spend time in the shed making things and working with his tools. The couple tested paint colors trying to find that perfect color to match the house. Then he got sick. The doctors said it was a brain tumor. Throughout his treatments, even though he was sick and dizzy, he still loved to spend time in his shed. He only had a few months though and he finally passed away. The wife tried to keep going without her husband but without his support the medical bills and house payments were too much for her. Unfortunately, the housing market was at a standstill. She finally let the house go. Losing $40k in equity was better than losing her sanity. She moved in with her daughter and found some joy helping to raise her darling granddaughter. Now she is cleaning out the house and selling the things from her old life. The shed went up for sale and was bought by me. Hopefully it will have a good life here.


Sharon S said...

Hi there-what a sad story, at least she had close family to live with. Nice to know a happy ending re the shed!

Anonymous said...

That's a terrible story. When I first became involved in the real estate industry I was imagining it filled with new couples buying their first homes together and older couples retiring to nice luxury outfits.

But truth of the matter is the vast majority of homes on the market (especially now) are foreclosures, divorces and death related. It's sad to see one of them a combination.

Take care of the shed and put it to good use.

Over the Cubicle Wall said...

I'd say the shed found a good home. You seem very happy to have it.

Daizy said...

Yes, sharon rose, she was very happy to be with her little granddaughter. I'm sure chasing after the little one takes her mind off her sorrows. The baby was just the cutest little thing.

Hi ed, yes, it does seem like the only ones selling now are the ones that are forced to for one reason or another. I didn't ask where the baby's father was but since she said that she and her daughter work different shifts to be able to care for the child I assumed the father was not around. At least they can rely on eachother.

over the cubicle, I defintely want to get the shed painted to protect it because they never finished it after he got sick. I feel like I need to finish that chore for them. I certainly do love the shed!