Sunday, September 7, 2008

Rejuvinating The Wardrobe Without Ruining The Budget

I am a little bored with my clothes. I wear the same thing almost every week. I need 4 business casual outfits and one casual for Friday. I only have 4 pairs of pants and I don't like one pair (they are a little short) so sometimes I wear one pair twice in one week or throw in a dress. The dress always makes people say 'what are you all dressed up for?'. I wore the same dress last summer, they just forgot.

I decided it was time to give the thrift store a good going-through. Every few months I like to spend some time going through everything at the thrift store. I have to keep myself from buying stuff I don't need but if I really want something I let myself buy it. There was this ceramic dolphin holding a hanging dish. It was cute but I didn't need it. After I put it down someone grabbed it and put it in their cart. That made me want it but it was too late.(what an I? 5 years old? I just wanted it because the other lady wanted it.)

Anyway, I found 11 things that I really liked. I almost bought a pair of snow pants but they were too small. I want snow pants this winter because I'm going to be doing laundry outside in the cold windy weather and I want something warmer than jeans. Maybe next time I'll find some. It isn't exactly Fall weather here yet. It's going to be 100°F all week. They probably have the winter clothes in the back.

I got 2 pairs of jean shorts finally, now that summer is almost over. I bought a sweater too and then I remembered how hot it gets in the office in the winter. This sweater has a zipper so I can wear something underneath and take the sweater off if it gets too hot. Last winter I wore a heavy sweater and I was sooo hot all day. I got a pair of black pants also to replace my short pants. I still only have 4 pairs of pants though.

Total spent: $34 for 11 items. I felt like I did some major shopping and I added some new outfits to my work rotation. I used money from my budget that I have set aside for donations. I consider buying from a thrift store a donation because they use the money for the community.

Now I need to go through the closet and give away the clothes I don't wear. I'm running out of space and hangars. Closet space in my RV is at a premium. It's not like I can take over the closet in the guest room :)

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