Saturday, September 27, 2008

Ignoring My Chores

How's this for procrastination? Instead of doing my chores I am taking pictures and blogging about them!

These pictures are of all of my stuff (some good, some unnecessary, some trash) in my mobile home next door.

This is my "craft room" although no crafting actually happens here. It is just a place where all of my craft materials and art supplies live. You know, for that future masterpiece I will make one day when I have both time and money.

This is the kitchen/living room area. It wasn't always this cluttered. When I moved out of my house in a hurry last March, I just stacked everything in here and left it. I need to sort through it and throw out/give away/sell anything I can. It is still in the 90F range so I haven't spent any time in the mobile home. There are window air conditioners I could set up but instead I am just waiting until the weather gets cooler...any day now.

This room is the back bedroom that I use to store boxes of childhood memorabilia and other sentimental items, books, stuffed animal (yes, I still have them). The stuff in this room cannot be mixed with the stuff in the front room or else I will never find anything again!

So now you have seen the secret I hide from the neighbors. At least I hide it. It hasn't spilled in to the yard yet. When I bought this place there was a small pile of rubbish in the yard that I asked the owner to haul away before I bought it. Then, a few weeks after I settled in, one of the neighbors opened up his garage and dragged out all of his junk. If stayed like that for years. I wonder if he waited until this place was sold so he wouldn't scare away the buyers. Well, it worked.


Over the Cubicle Wall said...

If your rental house ever gets vacant again for a little while, you could have a really big garage sale at it.

Daizy said...

exactly! Great minds think alike. After I kick out my current residents in January and re-stock my house with all the bedding/linens/kitchen stuff for the short term people that are staying for a month (and paying top dollar) I'm gong to have a big garage sale in March and get rid of as much as possible plus all of the furnishings from the house. Then I'll rent the house as an unfurnished long term rental. At least that's the plan.