Friday, September 26, 2008

Check Those Receipts

Oooo....Clearance! Yes, I did a little bit of grocery shopping on the way home tonight. Just some vegetables and milk...and ice cream. And then there was this big table with discounted items. I didn't think I would find anything but I did. I was getting low on flax seed oil and the price was 50% off. So I grabbed 2.

After roaming the aisles for my other items, I went through the checkout and the total seemed a bit high. I went all the way out to my truck because I don't like staring at the receipt while blocking the door. Anyway, the receipt said flax oil $ saved $2.10. That really confused me. The price on the bottle was $8.99. Did I pay $8.39 or $6.29? And weren't they supposed to be $4.49 each? So I left my ice cream in the truck and went back in to the customer service counter, annoyed that my shopping chore was not over. The girl said, oh yes, you have to be really careful about the items with the special tags. I thought, I have to be careful??? Why aren't the cashiers more careful??? She rang them up correctly and I got $8.43 back.

I am very glad I took a few minutes to check my receipt. Otherwise, an 'on sale' impulse buy would have been an expensive mistake.


Anonymous said...

They sell Taco Bell Taco meat seasoning in the grocery store. Also if you google Taco Bell Seasoning - you can't get a copy cat recipe for it, along with a copy cat recipe of the pizza thingie.

One thing about flax seed oil. I have read that it turns rancid very fast - only has a shelf life of like 6 weeks after it is processed. Also should be kept refrigerated. Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

Oops, I mean you "can" not "can't."

Daizy said...

Yes, definitely have to keep it in the fridge.

How do you think Taco Bell gets their meat so tender and in those tiny pieces? Could I recreate that in a crock pot?