Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Cutting Down On Wants By Reusing What I Have

I really like my new cell phone. I like people to call me just so I can hear it ring. It came with 10 different tones. I've always just had a plain ring so having a musical ring is cool. So far I have resisted the urge to buy accessories. My old hands-free earpiece works with this phone. Last weekend I stuffed my phone in to my old phone's case because I wanted to use the belt clip. It works...kind of. My new phone is shorter so the velcro doesn't hook. I have to tuck the top flap behind the phone. It's functional. And yesterday I was thinking that I needed a leash for it. I was able to use the one from my old phone. I like to hang it on a hook when I am at home and since I'm not a purse person, my phone is the only thing I carry. It is easier to hang the phone on the coat hook in a public restroom than to put it down somewhere or risk dropping it. Eew.

I haven't figured out how to get around buying a memory card and memory transfer stick for music transfer yet. My sister has the same phone so if I went to visit her maybe I could use hers. There is a person at work who has the same phone but I don't feel comfortable asking them to use theirs. I found one on a web site for $3 for a card and $7 for the transfer stick. I'm worried I will get what I pay for, meaning cheap stuff that breaks quickly. Maybe I'll go visit my sister before I go on my next plane trip. I really only want the music for plane trips. The rest of the time I can listen on my computer, except when I go for a walk. I'll see if I have any money left this month.

I noticed, as I emptied the RV black water tank that the hose has many holes. I really need to buy new hose or better yet, some PVC pipe so the sun won't eat the plastic again. Hmmm, music accessories for my phone or sewer pipe? I know which one sounds more fun. I only empty the tank once every 6 weeks, so I could put it off. Oh, that's terrible! My neighbors aren't going to appreciate it if the wind blows in their direction next time I empty the tank. Ok, ok, I suppose I can wait a little longer for phone accessories.

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