Sunday, August 3, 2008

Totalling the July Budget

$99.68. That's how much I managed to not spend in July. My total budget for utilities, food, and misc. is $569. This months extra expenses were a $24 oil change, $51 new water filter set-up which will hopefully end up cheaper in the long run, and $30 trees from the electric company that I said would come out of my fun money but since I had extra July money I can just include it for the month. That's good. More fun money for me!

That extra $99 will go toward my extra mortgage payment this month. Speaking of paying the mortgage, my renters have started paying me in cash. At first I hung on to the cash since I won't have to go to the ATM to get more but now I have too much cash. The bank inside the grocery store where I park for my carpool is the same bank that holds my mortgage. I don't have a savings/checking account with them but now I am thinking it would be easier to open one then deposit the rent cash and transfer the money to my mortgage online. Last month the bank was offering $100 for opening a checking account. Darn, I should have done it. Well, I'm sure they will offer something good soon. I think I will wait until they do. For now a friend said she would deposit the money for me and write me a check. That will work.

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