Monday, August 4, 2008

The Ebb And Flow Of My Money

My renters paid most of their rent today. This is good. They didn't have the whole amount. This is not necessarily bad. They will be paying a late fee. This is good. I like late fees when they are paid to me.

I found the Chase bank offer that will give me $125 for opening a checking account with direct deposit. I think it might only be for people that have another account with them because it didn't pop up until I logged in. I already have my mortgage with them and I park in their parking lot for my carpool so it is convenient. Finally I will be able to get rid of all this cash from the rent. It will be much more convenient to transfer funds to my mortgage account too. I am going to use the late fee to make up for the stuff I didn't sell on ebay yet. I'm being lazy. The next bunch of ebay items are sitting on my chair. I gave myself another month to sell $500 more. I better get started.

Speaking of procrastinating, I finally made an appointment for the dermatologist. Last year I had 2 skin cancers and I think I might have another suspicious spot. So much for any surplus money. I shouldn't skimp on health care though. That's one thing I can't buy back later.

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