Friday, August 8, 2008

Mortgage Progress For August

My extra payment posted today. My new mortgage total is $58,881. I'm in to the 50's, yea! I paid $1,800 extra. That is an amazing amount for me. $1300 was from my budget. I have been pretty good at not spending money lately. The other $500 came from stuff I sold on Craiglist and Ebay. I need to get started on my next batch of sale items. I'm still putting it off because of the shipping chore. I never did sell the extra items to make up the entire $500 so I used my renter's $50 late fee to make up the difference. That's kind of cheating I think.

According to my aggressive payment plan, I have 2 years and one month left on my mortgage. That's if everything goes as planned. If it doesn't then I might be 3 years before I am finished. I'm flexible. I'd rather it be sooner rather than later though. The sooner I get it paid off the less risk there is that something will happen to delay my plan such as medical expenses or a major house or car repair.

I'm 8 months in to my mortgage plan and I'm still motivated. So far it's been relatively easy to stick to my plan. I hope I can do it for 2-3 more years.


Anonymous said...

You can do it! YOU CAN, YOU CAN!!!!. You have just done an amazing job!

Lizzie @ her homeworld said...

Well done Daizy!
Now get back at that eBaying!!!

Daizy said...

Thank you my cheerleaders! It is very nice to get encouragement.