Saturday, August 9, 2008

Saturday Chores And Water Recycling

Ugh, chore day. I've put off doing laundry for 2 weeks. I have plenty of water now and it's under 100 degrees outside so I guess I don't have anymore excuses. Plus I'm running out of underwear!

I did a white wash, saved the rinse water, did a dark wash, saved both the wash and rinse water (I was getting tired of hauling water to the washer) and lastly, I am washing my sheets with recycled water. It's still washing right now. If the rinse water looks too murky I'll have to haul more buckets of water. 5 buckets usually does the trick.

I have 5 minutes before I have to go check on it. Usually laundry isn't a hot and dirty job. I suppose it was pretty tough for the pioneer women with their wash tubs. Washing clothes in the river would be a little better I think, if I could jump in occasionally.

While I was waiting for my second load to wash I used the first load's wash water to rinse off my car. I have an old car that's not running in the garage. The pack rats have ruined the wiring and the interior.

It was covered in dirt and I wanted to see if it was still blue underneath. Yep, still blue. It is on my "things to sell" list but it is at the bottom since it was my first car and I am emotionally attached.

Now I'm hot, dirty and in great need of a shower and a nap. I have to go to a barbecue with people from work tonight so I'm not going to get my nap but a shower is a must!

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