Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Chipping Away At The Freezer Food

I think I over-estimated my plan for once a month shopping. No, I KNOW I did. At the beginning of this month I spent $114. I needed gas and I wanted the 10 cent discount for spending $100 so I stocked up on food I could freeze in an attempt to only shop once this month. The sale that happened to be going on at the time was a buy 10 get $5 off sort of thing and I ended up buying 30 items for the maximum discount.

My freezer is jam packed with food right now and I barely have anything in the fridge. It doesn't help that my freezer is in another building (it is in my mobile home) because I am not using my RV fridge for fear it will break again and cost me another $800 to fix. I need to make an effort to eat freezer food. This means I need to go to the mobile home in the morning and get a TV dinner to take for lunch. I can take 3 or 4 at a time and keep them in the freezer at work. At least that will be a little more convenient.

And why did I buy bagels, rolls AND english muffins? I don't usually eat breakfast before work. I take dried cereal to eat at my desk. I must remember to eat them on the weekends. Maybe I can make mini pizzas out of them.

I certainly have enough food to last the rest of the month. The tricky part is going to be remembering what is in there and keeping myself interested in eating it.

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