Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Another Free 20 Bucks From My Credit Card

At the beginning of this month I took advantage of the local grocery stores economic stimulus promotion. I bought $600 worth of grocery gift cards and got another $60 added on for free. I was prepared to pay in cash but when I got there they said I could pay by credit card. Whoo hoo! I whipped out the Discover and charged it. I pay it off every month and I like earning cash back. Usually the cash back award is only 1% but certain categories can earn 5%.

Well, groceries must have been in the 5% category this month because my bill just arrived and I earned $20 in cash back for this billing period. That is very cool. Now I have an extra $80 in fun money. And when I get the $125 bonus for signing up for a Chase checking account I'll have $205! I like free money.

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