Thursday, July 17, 2008

Why Don't Craig's List People Delete Their Sold Items!

I was being bad today looking at Craig's List on my "breaks". I saw some cool canvas tote bags, 58 of them for $35. The wheels started turning and I envisioned my booth at the craft fair selling tote bags with painted embellishments and sewn on pockets for $7 each. I quickly wrote a reply and eagerly waited for a response. After an hour I was getting discouraged and then it came. They had sold this morning. It was 4 o'clock in the afternoon! Couldn't they have deleted their post??? I can't sit at my computer all day waiting to grab a deal. If it's sold it shouldn't be there anymore! Ok...I'm done.

In other news, I sold my extra serger thread for $20 and tentatively sold my sewing book for $50. The total for all of my items is $480. My goal this month is $500. I'm really close. Someone came out to look at my TV antenna tower today but I didn't hear from him again so I guess it wasn't what he was looking for. Another guy said he would come out next week. If that sell it will be another $50.

Next month I want to sell another $500 worth. I'm not sure what I have that is worth that much. I keep forgetting about the magnets that I wanted to make for the craft fair (in the picture). I have plenty of clay somewhere. Maybe if I sell more stuff I'll un-bury it.

I am thinking about trying garage sales for craft items next. I am only looking for things that I can re-sell or use to make crafts to sell. I'll try not to bring home any horses.

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