Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Thrifty Earphone Fix

My new-to-me Mp3 player, which was free from a friend, has earphones that always fall out of my ears. I imagine that they once had foam pads on them. I thought I was going to have to buy new ones although that isn't in my budget. One ear stays in ok but the right one always falls out. It's annoying when I go for a walk.

Anyway, I was getting on the plane last week and there was a little basket of complimentary earphones. The airline was ExpressJet. I really like them but unfortunately they are discontinuing the flight I need. They offer XM radio on the flight as well as a small meal. I don't recommend the meal. The first one I ate didn't agree with me. I wasn't willing to try it again. My brother-in-law took a trip the same week and he ate the food and also felt sick. Ok, I'm getting off topic.

I looked at the earphones and thought that maybe they would work with my mp3 player. They did fit but they were mono, not stereo. Then I thought, maybe I can just gently peel off the foam covers and put them on my own earphones. Viola! It worked. My earphones fit now and it only cost me $240 (with a free round trip flight to Spokane).

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