Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Enough With The Gas Prices, I Give Up....I'll Carpool!

I love my truck and I love my freedom. I get car sick easily and I get nervous driving with other people in the car. This is not an ideal carpooling scenerio. Not only that but the person I am carpooling with often stays to work late but gas prices have made me consider it.

I haven't carpooled yet because the coworker that lives closest to me goes in to work 2 hours before me and only leave 1/2 hour before me. If he left 2 hours before me I would gladly change my schedule but I'm not working that much extra time for free. The next closest coworker lives south of the interstate from me so I didn't think she would be interested in meeting somewhere. She suggested meeting at the grocery store and carpooling from there. She often stops at that store on the way home anyway. We are going to try it. I don't really like leaving my truck in the parking lot but I leave it in our own parking lot all day anyway. What's the difference? (unless I forget something in my truck...can't run out and get it)

Working late is a problem but she said she would try to leave earlier. I don't mind staying an hour once or twice a week but more than that would be annoying. I don't get paid extra and I am very possessive of my free time.

I will try it, starting tomorrow bright and early. I spend an average of $140 per month on gas. If I can cut that by a third it will be worth the hassle and I will be happy.

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