Monday, June 23, 2008

Power Outages And Smoky Mountains

Around 2pm today the power went out at work. I love those kind of changes in my work routine. Last summer the power went off all night so our boss let us go home. My carpool had some errands to run so off we went to the store. It was about 110 outside and getting in and out of the car at every store was brutal but it was still better than work. I made every effort to think of things that I needed while we were shopping so that I wouldn't have to come back later. I rarely go to this side of town...takes too much gas to get there.

One of our many stops was Trader Joe's. I have heard a lot of good things about that store but I have never been in one. I was very impressed. They had great variety and lots of cashiers. I picked up some carrots while I was there. That saved me an errand later and my cat certainly enjoyed the bag.

I also got some fluorescent light bulbs for my RV that I had been needing for a while. And I bought some tomato seeds so that I can try to grow a new plant this Fall. I even found some brown socks on sale for 50% off. I have been looking for brown socks for a long time. Why do they always package the one color that you want with an ugly color like orange or yellow? I managed to find some brown, beige and charcoal color packs. Those are all good colors for work.

The boss called later to say the power was back on but since we were buying some office supplies he didn't make us come back. We finished up around 5pm anyway. I like shopping on Mondays! I wouldn't want to make a habit of it though. I spent $52. They were very practical purchases and well within my budget this month.

When I drove home I could see the smoke from the fires started over the weekend by lightening. It happens every year before the monsoons start. No rain yet but the weatherman predicts something may happen on Wednesday. Come on rain!

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