Thursday, June 12, 2008

Planning My Weekend To-Do List

I have crossed a few things off the list payment made, HOA fees paid, Father's Day card sent (a little late), city rental tax form sent. That rental tax form was really annoying. I had to fill one out every month in order to keep my business license for my short term rental house. Now that I have decided not to rent short term anymore, I sent the business license back. I will be glad not to have to fill out those forms anymore and I save a stamp.

Still on the list:
-One of my stockholder service companies had some records stolen. They aren't sure what was stolen so they are offering a year of credit monitoring to everyone just in case. I should take advantage of that. This is the second time something like this has happened. Last time there were computers stolen from my employer. Luckily, I wasn't affected but I did sign up for the credit monitoring since they offered it for free. So, I need to go to the web site and sign up.

-I also need to take out the dead plants from my little garden and replant a few seeds. The weatherman said the rain is getting closer. I can see it moving up from Mexico. Everything will green up and hopefully I will have a second chance at some garden produce this year.

-Find more songs to buy and download. Ok, that's not really a chore although with my computer it takes forever. Patience is necessary.

-I ordered more memory for my computer. If it shows up this weekend I can attempt to put it in. That should be interesting.

-Go to the post office Saturday morning and get a new mailbox key for the new mailboxes at the end of the street. The old mailboxes were run over by someone running from the cops. I don't think they got away.

Nothing too strenuous on that list. I think I can handle it.

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