Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A Little Preventative Maintenance, Just In Time

It's very cloudy. The monsoon rains are almost here. There were a few sprinkles this morning but not enough to fill my rainwater tanks yet.

On Monday when I jumped in my car to go to work, the windshield was spotted from the sprinkles the night before. I turned on my wipers and I could see ragged rubber trailing back and forth as the wipers tried to clean. I went to the store after work and purchased 2 new wipers, came home and put them on. I know, it would have been better if I bought them on sale before I needed them. I am very glad I changed them now though. I could just see me trying to see out the window when it decides to really rain.

Now my wipers actually clean my windshield too. I was so used to the shoddy performance of my old wipers that I didn't realize they were barely working at all.

One car maintenance chore done. Next, I desperately need an oil change. I am so bad at those kind of things. I am also a horrible car washer. I wait for the rain to do it. That means my car will be washed soon! Maybe I should go outside with some soap and a sponge when it starts to pour.

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