Monday, May 12, 2008

Everyday Frugal Tidbits

Frugal (or cheap) things I did today:

Brought leftovers for lunch.
Brought my own drink in my own bottle.
Washed a ziploc bag.
Repaired my broken nail with super glue and tissue.
Went for a walk.
Took a super-quick shower.
Cooked pasta for the next 4 lunches.
Used recycled water for my plants.
Got my news online instead of buying paper.

That's about it for the daily stuff.
The long term list would be...

Rented out my house and moved in to an RV.
Collected rainwater for showers, laundry and plants.
Making accelerated mortgage payments to pay off my mortgage early.
Do without cable or satellite.
Use only a cell phone. (although I went over on my minutes last month...bad)
Shop for clothes primarily at the thrift store. (that reminds me, I should go there this weekend)
Try not to shop for stuff at all!

Ok, I just needed to make a list to focus my plan. I get lost in the daily grind sometimes and lose site of the big picture.

#1 goal- Financial freedom and the ability to pursue whatever I want!

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