Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Planning To Visit Family Again

This time I hope nobody is sick (unlike the Christmas trip when we all got the stomach!) I am planning a trip in May and I bought my plane tickets today. Surprisingly they were still a reasonable $240. Maybe I should buy my Thanksgiving tickets now!

Travel is one category that I actually budget for separately. I had $400 in my fund before my purchase although I don't have any plan for paying it back. I usually have a little bit of extra money around this time but not this year. My budget is much tighter because of my mortgage repayment plan. Perhaps I can use a portion of my tax rebate check if one shows up. I have so many plans for that check that I think I will have spent it at least 3 times by the time it arrives.

Last year I went to visit my family in September and December. December is too cold though and the roads are icy so this year I am going to change my visits to May and November. Maybe I can avoid the really cold weather.

And I want to say Happy Birthday! to my number one blogging Mom! See you soon!

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