Tuesday, April 8, 2008

It's Always Something...

Of course, that is what an emergency fund is for. This month it is the water pump. Since I am using rainwater for most of my needs, I use a little water pump to transfer water from the collection tanks to the main tank. I have been meaning to re-do my whole water system so that the big pump does most of the work. In order to do that I need to buy a lot of pipe and pay someone to do some re-wiring. It just isn't in my budget right now. I was hoping to get by the old way with my little pump but it seems to have burned itself out. I am not surprised. It lasted around 6 years. A replacement pump is going to cost $70-$80! Just when I thought I was going to catch up this month and maybe have a little money left for clothes. I suppose I could ask for Ross gift cards for my birthday.

Let's see, last month I went over budget $79 plus $165 for the fridge repair, that's $244. My state tax refund is $256. Hmm, not a lot left over for the water pump. If nothing else breaks I should be able to cover the cost...but it's only the first week of April!

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