Sunday, April 27, 2008

Money Free Weekend

I think I would like that title better if it said "Free Money Weekend". It is the last weekend in April. Time to add up the monthly budget and see if there is anything left. I had quite a few unbudgeted expenses including a new water pump, 2 lunches with coworkers, new pants and a $20 trip to the dump. Adding it all up I am $83 ahead! I am sure this is a result of staying away from the grocery store. I was given some food by people who were going out of town so I made do with what I had and didn't go shopping. My grocery trips almost always result in extra groceries. I use the excuse that I am buying extra so that I don't have to go to the store the next weekend but I usually end up going the next weekend too.

Going in to a new month with my budget in the positive is very exciting. I just hope nothing breaks this month. It is also my birthday month, tax rebate check month and my vacation to visit family at the end of the month. So many things to look forward to! I think I will like May. Now if it would only rain then I would really be happy.

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