Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Fridge Is Fixed!

The RV guy came out yesterday. I had to miss 2 hours of work but it's a chore that needed to be done. He replaced the circuit board and 2 fuses in 30 minutes and then I had him clean out the A/C so that, hopefully, it won't quit mid-summer. $165 and my fridge was humming again. Cheaper than I expected, yea! I left it on for the day to make sure it got cold. Now it is unplugged and I will happily use it as a pantry. If all goes well that fridge will still be in working condition when it is time to sell this RV. I just can't afford to be paying hundreds of dollars every year for repairs.

The (not so)mini fridge is now located on its stand where the chair used to be and the cat has her place back on the floor. All is right with the world :)

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