Thursday, March 13, 2008

Weighing The Refrigerator Options

I looked up a new RV fridge on the Camping World web site today. Looks like it will cost $1650 for a new one plus tax after I pay $20 to join the club. Then of course there is the installation fee. Probably at least $200. And in small print it says that the door panels are sold separately. What are the chances that my door panels will fit on a new fridge? This is a 1992 RV so I am not sure.

I haven't called the repair guy yet. I guess I don't want to pay him to tell me it is dead. It has never just turned off like this. The other times I had problems the temperature got slowly lower or higher. One time it was the cooling unit, the other time the circuit board. There is still a chance that it could be something cheaper to repair than to replace it but after spending $800 last summer, I don't want to have to spend hundreds of dollars every year on this thing.

I was able to transfer all of the food over to my back-up fridge with only a few casualties. I was tired and I threw some carrot sticks in to one of the bags. Then I just put the entire bag in to the freezer and, well, now they are carrot popsicles. Having to go outside to another building to get food is very inconvenient. I am almost tempted to start buying lunches out. If I spent $5 on lunch everyday I would spend $2000 after 400 lunches. If I bought dinner out too I could blow through $2000 in no time. Maybe it is better to buy a new fridge in the long run.

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