Friday, March 14, 2008

Wasn't A Frugal Purchase After All

Sorry for the big kitty-head in the picture. Last weekend my water hose that is connected to my RV began to leak. Since I am using the water tank now and not the hose I thought I would just put the plug back in the hole and everything would be fine. Unfortunately, the plug is plastic and every plastic thing on this RV is crumbling. The plug would not stay in even after I wrapped it with teflon tape. So, since I was headed out to the grocery store, I decided to stop at the hardware store and see if they had something that would work. After all, if I went to the specialty camping store, a plug would probably cost a lot of money.

I couldn't find a plug so one of the sales people suggested a hose valve that could be shut off. Great, I thought, this will work and the store was so convenient. When I got home I looked at the receipt and ahhh! $9!!! That wasn't cheap. So, while I was checking refrigerator prices online at the camping store, I remembered to check to see how much water plugs cost. $1.69.

I think I will be returning the lovely hose valve and buying the plug at the camping store. I should have done more research. Now I have 2 more errands to run!

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