Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Throwing Out The Trash Makes Me Happy

I know it's a little strange to talk about trash this much but when it starts to pile up I have a real problem. It costs around $23/month for rural trash pick-up around here and then I have to load it in the truck and drive it to the end of the road so what is the point? I was going to save it up until I made a $10 trip to the dump but as the weather gets warmer, the trash gets stinkier. It's the cat litter that stinks. I suppose I could bury it outside but then there would be little fossils of clumping litter on my property forever. I already throw the food scraps outside and separate the recyclable things because I can take those to the library recycle bin. That means I only have one bag of trash a week.

Today I loaded 3 out of 5 bags in to my truck and dumped them in the dumpster behind work like my boss suggested. Such a little thing made me very happy. Now I am going to go around and look for things to throw away. Maybe I will be able to start conquering the clutter. It's hard to sort things when there isn't a place to put trash. Such a simple thing but I appreciate it so much more now that I have had to do without.

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