Thursday, March 20, 2008

Meeting The Neighbors: Sometimes Good, Sometimes Creepy

I have been trying to go for a walk up and down the dirt road everyday to get a little exercise while the weather is nice. The free-range neighbor dogs like to go with me. Usually an occasional car drives by and and I wave. Today a car stopped and actually talked to me. Ok, so the guy was a little creepy and he asked me to go to lunch with him but I didn't feel too threatened. He wasn't actually a neighbor, he was a past neighbor who was visiting another neighbor. Maybe I won't run in to him again.

Then, I decided to take a different route to get back home and I saw another neighbor collecting rocks with his kids. We chatted for a little while until his wife drove up and he scampered away. Really. I rarely see a guy move so fast. He looked like he had been caught with his hand in the cookie jar. Too bad. I would have been glad to meet his wife. They just put in a well a few months ago and he said they are planning to build a house in 3 years.

Another neighbor called me and wanted to know if I wanted to go in half and half on a well. Too bad she didn't ask me last November when I still had money available. It's all tied up in my house in town now. I would need at least $17,000 to pay for half of a well. That is still a lot of money. Plus, I have 2 pieces of property, one which could be split again so I think I should drill my own well and split it 3 ways. The gallons per minute aren't sufficient for more than 3 houses I think.

This has been a very social day for me. I rarely talk to new people. Also, two of my co-workers might stop by this weekend to help me out with my broken fridge and my 50amp upgrade for my RV. Maybe I should start baking cookies for them or something. I certainly want them to know I appreciate their help!

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Anonymous said...

Yep, baking cookies is a good can make a lot of friends that way!