Monday, March 31, 2008

Balancing the March Budget

It doesn't balance. I am over my budget $79! I didn't even count rental house utilities and I still went over. The culprits seem to be a $300 water tank purchase (only $240 was budgeted), a $50 mini fridge, 2 DTV converter boxes ($13 each after coupon), $33 at Camping World (I didn't really need a new water filter just yet), and too much gas. I was able to cover most of those expenses but they were all unplanned and pushed me over the edge.

Next month is going to be just as hard because I know I will have a $200+ RV repair bill. The good news is that I just figured out my state taxes and I should be getting $259 back. That will pay the RV bill. Now I just have to keep my other spending down if I ever want to have enough money for new clothes again.

I can also look forward to my tax rebate check and maybe I should designate $100 of that to new clothes. Gee, I was going to put it towards my mortgage but new clothes are awfully tempting. I haven't received April's rent check yet so I will hold off on any extravagant spending until that shows up. I might need the money for an eviction! (I hope not)

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