Saturday, February 16, 2008

Listed On Craigslist

Since Craigs List ads are free, I decided to list my house as a furnished rental for a month just to see what would happen. I should attempt to find a renter before I decide to move back in. My feelings toward moving back in and lengthening my mortgage repayment plan by another year and 4 months greatly depends on how I feel about my job. When my job goes ok, I don't mind the thought of being tied to it for an extra year but when I am annoyed with it, I want to be free as soon as possible. Friday was a borderline annoying day at work so I thought I should try to find another renter.

In other news, it rained last night which means my water tanks are full and if I conserve water through the dry season, I should be able to make it without paying for water to be delivered. That is very important if I end up staying in my RV and not so important if I move back to my house. I am in housing limbo again. Self-inflicted housing limbo of course. I could always move back to my house and pay my regular mortgage payment like a normal person but where's the fun in that?


Shuchong said...

Hey! I read up a little bit on your blog, and I just wanted to wish you good luck with finding a renter (as well as with your larger goal of paying off your mortgage)!

Daizy said...

Thanks! I think I make a terrible landlord because I am afraid of getting a bad renter but that's the only way to get the money. Thanks for visiting!