Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Festival Of Frugality Hosted By The Mighty Bargain Hunter

If you want to read more frugal ideas, be sure to visit this week's Festival Of Frugality. I submitted my article about the new stamp increase coming in May.

I get so excited when I see my little article in the line-up. It is only the second article that I have submitted since I started my blog last June. I know they try to accept everyone's article but I am intimidated by all of the other bloggers. Their ideas seem more original and their writing more polished than mine. Hmmm, maybe I should stop watching TV while I'm writing! That would definitely make my writing a little more cohesive.


A said...

I second the feelings about more published writings. I seem to be addicted to my exclamation point button- which makes my writing seem more exciting me... but I am sure it is annoying to others!!! (And hallelujah for spell check, no one would be able to read a single thing I wrote otherwise!) See!!!!!!!!

Daizy said...

I can't get spell check to work on Blogger anymore. I hope they fix it soon. I like your exclamation points!!! It is more expressive!!!