Thursday, January 10, 2008

Made It Another Day Without Grocery Shopping

All afternoon I was thinking about whether I should go to the store or not. I just want carrots, milk and ice tea to tide me over until Saturday when I will do my organized shopping with a list. I don't like going to the store after work because the store close-by is kind of scary especially after dark and the better store is farther away and if I'm only getting 3 thing it doesn't seem worth it. Saturday is only 2 days away. Then my boss asked if I wanted to go out to lunch tomorrow with my other coworker and he would pay. Ok, that takes care of lunch tomorrow. And just before I left tonight I was offered some leftover Chinese food from someone who won't be in the office tomorrow. He promised that he didn't eat out of it so I took it home. It had carrots and some other vegetables so I decided that I could skip the store one more day. I can't say it was good, it was VERY spicy, but it was something new. They like to tease me at work because I don't like to try new foods. Why would I pay money to try food that I don't know if I like? That doesn't make sense to me.

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