Friday, January 11, 2008

Another No Shopping Day

Since my boss paid for lunch today, I made it another day without grocery shopping. Breakfast was dry cereal at my desk and dinner will be, hmmm, maybe a quesadilla. I haven't decided yet.

My Mom went in to the hospital last night with an erratic heartbeat so I am worried about her. She is feeling a little better but they are going to keep her for tests. I hope you feel better soon Mom! She's in the picture with her 2 grandsons that she is raising with my Dad.

I am glad it is Friday. I am so behind at work that I brought work home with me. They combined databases so there are a ton of little things that need to be fixed. I also need to transfer water out at my RV to my holding tank so that I can collect more if it rains. It rained earlier this week but my collection tanks are full. I should have moved the water around last weekend. It's a boring chore so I don't like to do it but if I live out there permanently I will need to collect every little bit of water that I can.

Those are the only chores that I have this weekend. Only one week left to enjoy my house and then next weekend I will be moving out and cleaning it again. I get so tired of cleaning it and getting ready for guests, but I like the money. Speaking of money, I should have a big $4,000 rent check in my mailbox tomorrow. It sure will be nice to get that in the bank!

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