Friday, December 7, 2007

Yea, The Weekend is Here

Now I want time to slow down so I can take a nap and still have the rest of my weekend to play.

When I got home from work today I heard a strange clicking noise coming from outside. It was my water timer. I wonder how long it had been trying to open and close. I changed the batteries but it didn't help. I took it off and brought it inside since it was dark outside, and suddenly, it worked fine. I think it just wanted to come in to the house. That is going to be a problem though because it is no good to me inside the house. I am not sure if I should buy a new one (another $20!) or just put it back outside and hope that it doesn't act up when my guests are here. I might actually get away with turning the water off for a week or 2. We seem to be getting rain once a week now. I might be able to wait until January before I have to replace it.

Also, last year the water timer froze and split open during a February cold snap. I really don't want to buy a new one and see it freeze and break this year. I have pipe insulation around it but that's no guarantee. When I rent my house long term I think I should get rid of the potted plants. There are 7 pots in the backyard. 4 have seasonal flowers and 3 have perennial flowering plants. I only put them there to add variety while the baby shrubs were growing. Now the pots are being over taken by the shrubs and it looks crowded. I should take a photo of my yard tomorrow and compare how much it has grown. That picture above is from last year. If the pots were gone there wouldn't be a need to water anymore since all of the other plants are drought tolerant. They are all 2 years old. They should be well established by now. I think I will remove the pots this spring. That will same money on the water bill too.

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