Thursday, December 6, 2007

Whew, Thursday

Today was a little bit better than yesterday. A few problems actually got resolved. I don't think any new problems were added to my load. And after 8 hours of diligent data entry, I seem to be making some progress. I was a little bit tempted to raid the snack basket at lunch as a 'reward' for my hard work. It's only 50 cents! No it's not. It's part of a mortgage payment! I didn't give in but I did eat the last bit of chocolate hidden in my desk. I think I need to make some cookies for my lunch this weekend while I still have a full size oven. Once I am in my RV I will have to use the mini-oven which uses propane (that I don't want to re-fill) or I can use my lovely electric roaster oven that my family got for me a few years ago. I can even use my toaster oven if I only want to cook 4 cookies at a time. Gee, so many options!

Only one day left this week and then the weekend! I should move more of my stuff out to my RV so that I don't have to do it all at once a week from now. And I have a short list of repairs-touch up paint inside and out, replace air filters, clean everything! I should also go to Home Depot and buy a solar motion light to replace the one that I returned because it never worked right. It is getting dark early now and although the rattlesnakes are sleeping, I would still like to see where I step. And lastly, I need to go to the grocery store and buy ONLY the basics, milk, juice, carrots. I don't need to be hauling a lot of food back and forth to my RV. That reminds me. I need to turn the RV fridge on this week. Hopefully it will work. I just can't stand that I paid $800 to fix that thing and it still doesn't seem to work very well. I am hoping it will be ok since it isn't 105 degrees outside anymore.

I think I have more chores than fun this weekend. Oh well, my vacation is coming in 2weeks! I can have fun then.

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