Monday, November 19, 2007

Time to Clean the Clutter

My brain is getting cluttered. I have covered almost every surface in my kitchen and living room with stuff. It is time to sort, organize and throw it out!

My kitchen table has turned in to my office. It is covered with receipts, bills, budgets, lists and mailing supplies. It's not too bad right now. A few moments of consolidation will straighten it out. There, I did it. I couldn't stand looking at it any longer. I can see a third of the table cloth now. That is good.

Another spot that never stays clear is the island. I have a cup for change, I sort my mail, and I gather recyclables that need to be taken outside. Some days I don't want to get the mail because I know it will be mostly junk which goes in to the recycle pile and it will sit on my counter for a few days until I have collected enough to annoy myself. I need an indoor recycle bin so that I can stash it and I won't have to go outside and dump it everyday.

Next, my dirty dishes. I don't have a lot of dishes but I do wash and re-use my resealable bags so there are usually 3 or more waiting to be washed. Washing them is not one of my favorite things to do.

Then there is the reclining chair where I leave my purse and anything that I have brought home from work. Those things need to be sorted into save and throw out piles. At the foot of the recliner is my giant suitcase from my last trip. I didn't take it back out to my storage area since I am going to use it for Christmas. I have been dumping all of my newly bought presents in to it. It is overflowing. That won't be too hard to clean up, I just need to put all of the bags neatly inside the suitcase and close it.

And lastly, there is the coffee table. One of my coworkers has been giving me all of the bubble wrap that he finds instead of throwing it away. I have quite a pile. I need to put it all in to a bag instead of piling it on the table.

Now that I know what I have to do I should get off the computer and do it! My poor cluttered brain will thank me.

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