Thursday, November 8, 2007

Searching for Airplane Tickets

I bought my ticket for Christmas. It wasn't too painful. With the price of gas going up and up I thought that I should get my ticket now instead of watching the prices fluctuate and trying to guess at the lowest price. I looked with Expedia and with Kayak, the prices were around $500. A new airline just started non-stop service to Spokane and they are the cheapest at the moment. Those are probably just introductory offers but I'll take it. Expedia said the price was $435. I had to stay a little longer than I had planned to find a lower price. I know that Expedia adds $5 for a booking fee so I decided to go directly to the Express Jet web site. It turns out I was able to get the ticket for $401, a savings of $34! The only drawback with this airline is that they only offer one flight a day. It's in the middle of the day so it works for me.

I am glad that I don't have to worry about buying those tickets anymore. I find spending that much money on something intangible quite stressful. There are a million things that could keep me from catching that flight. Oh, well. It is worth the trouble to be able to spend Christmas with family.

I had $159 left over from last months budget so I put that toward my travel fund. Now the total is $374 so I only need $27 from this months budget to pay for my ticket and of course I need to start replentishing my travel fund for my next trip.

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Anonymous said...

Spending time with family is the only thing I look forward to during the holiday seasons. Plane tickets and travelling during the busiest time of the year is no fun but they're worth it. Have a safe trip!