Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

I hope everyone got enough to eat today. The news said that the local charities fed about 200 more people than they expected. I thought about volunteering but they said they had more than enough volunteers. Maybe next time.

Is anyone brave enough to venture out for the 4am sales tomorrow? I have never done that. The prices in the ads looked good but I really don't need any of that stuff. Since I started Christmas shopping early I don't have many people left to buy for and I am hoping to finish up my shopping on-line. I really hate crowded stores. I heard that some on-line stores are offering free shipping today so I need to see if that is true.

The Walmart ad had $4 kitchen appliances. A toaster, crock pot, coffee pot, chopper, and mixer. At first I thought, cool! And then I thought, hmm, no brand listed. I wonder if they would even last a year. It certainly isn't frugal if I have to buy a new toaster every year. And anyway, I have all of those things and two crock pots. I do need a waffle maker and a blender but mine aren't quite dead yet so I can make do for a while. It's not like I use them everyday. I certainly didn't see anything that would make me get out of my cozy bed that early in the morning. I wonder if Michael's Arts and Crafts store is having a that would be tempting.

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