Friday, November 23, 2007

Finally Feels Like Fall

The weather is finally in the 60's. I realize that is warm for most people but it has been hanging around 80 for so long that I was wondering if it would ever cool off. Usually the weather turns cool after Halloween but this year it waited until Thanksgiving.

I have only one plant out at my property that has survived the heat, drought, nibbling animals and my neglect. It is a little strawberry plant in a pot. It is 2 years old now. I get about a dozen mini strawberries in the summer. Last year I brought in inside near a window but today I moved it in to my greenhouse. Hopefully it will survive. The greenhouse doesn't have a door so it might get very cold. Maybe I should cover it with newspaper strips to help insulate it. Next year I hope to be living out there full time so I will be able to check on it. I would love to plant it somewhere where it has room to spread out but I am afraid the animals will eat it. So, the green house is the best place for it at the moment. If I ever build a real house I definitely want a walled area so that I can plant a garden without feeding the critters. My watermelon plants were eaten by something. Just when they were looking good too. My tomato succumbed to the heat I think. Oh well, less to worry about right now.

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