Sunday, October 21, 2007

Pictures From My Trip

Here I am looking down on Washington as we land. Such a nice change from the desert. I love the Fall colors, although you can't really see this from this picture.

This is typical of my kid pictures. He was looking up at me right before I took the picture, really, he was!

I was trying to get a picture of the over-abundant deer and I walked outside and one ran across the street and bounded in to the yard right on cue. Then she posed for me.

My little nephew was trying to point out the deer to me from inside the house. There were so many deer in the fields there I thought farmers were raising them like cattle.

Here's a good picture of one of the kids, but really it's a good picture of the wheel barrow.

He was posing for me just a second before and then he got a big score on pinball and threw his arms in the air. Kind of looks like he has wings.

Here's little brother looking at big brother playing football. One of two football games I went to. We won both of them.

Ah, the required fuzzy playplace photo. I got half a dozen of these.

Here's another blurry action shot. This nephew usually smiles and poses for the camera. I guess attacking daddy's head was more fun at the moment.

I am creating a photo library and I had plenty of great objects to photograph while I was there.

Another outdoor shot of Fall.

I couldn't resist taking pictures of the leaves. At least they stayed still for me.

I was visiting as the weather was turning cold but there was still some fruit on the trees and vines. These golden raspberries were very tasty.

The grapes were good too.

I just had to include this one. My niece who was taking the picture said, "Do you want me to take your mug shots?" My little niece got all excited and ran off to find the prettiest mugs she could find, the princess mug and the rose mug. It was very cute.

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