Monday, October 22, 2007

Back To Work But My Mind Was Still On Vacation

I came back to work today to a mountain of email and a long to-do list. It wasn't too bad, I think I was stressing out about it more than necessary.

I was trying to figure out how to retire right away, like tomorrow. But once again, the risks are too great. Health insurance is the biggest risk. I just paid off the last $204 bill for my skin cancers. Every day that I stay at my job I can retire a little more comfortably. It will just be a little later than I hoped.

My house rental business for the spring is going well. I have one person lined up for the last week of December and another for the month of February. That should cover almost 5 months of my mortgage. Of course I will still have to pay for the utilities but I was doing that anyway. I had an offer for a trade, one months rent for 2 tickets to game one of the World Series. I don't know enough about the value of those tickets to make that kind of trade. Perhaps I missed out. I don't know.

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