Wednesday, October 31, 2007

End of October Budget Wrap-up

I made it to the end of October without too many splurges. Ok, I did buy some Halloween candy, on sale, just in case I have trick or treaters. Or maybe I just wanted some candy. I had enough money this month to pay my last medical bill and pay for my unexpected higher property tax bill. I added it all up and I have $150 left over. Yea! I should probably start saving for new tires but I think I will put it in to my travel fund. I hope to go visit Washington State again for Christmas and the ticket will be over $400. I had $500 in the fund but just used $280 for my last trip. Now with my $150 I will have $370. Close but not quite. If I behave myself during November I will have even more money to save. Finally, after a whole summer of paying back bills I finally have my head above water again!

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