Friday, September 21, 2007

Steak Tonight

It seems that I have forgotten a couple of poor little steaks at the bottom of my freezer. Since I am moving in to my little RV with the even smaller freezer, I guess I have to eat them. What a sacrifice!

I should really do a better job of keeping track of the food in my fridge and cabinets. I like to keep enough food in there to make me feel secure. For instance, I will keep one mummified chicken breast, a brick of shriveled frozen peas and a half empty bag with one big tater tot snowball just to feel like I have something to eat if I was desperate enough. In the cupboards I have popcorn which will no longer pop, pasta from a decade ago (it's still good right?), and crackers that no longer qualify as a edible.

One good thing about this move is that it will force me to throw away food that is past its prime.

One time when I was living in my RV, ants invaded and attacked the pantry. That was really gross. The ants didn't go after the honey or sugar, they wanted fat, starch and salt. They attacked the peanut butter, bread, rice, even the bullion. Then they moved on to the bedding and my clothes. It gave new meaning to "ants in my pants". After trying different methods to kill them and researching ants online, I finally found some Amdro that worked. Anyway, that episode forced me to clean out my pantry also. I'd rather not go through that experience again.

By the way, this is my 100th post. Wow. That's a lot.


Anonymous said...

Only in America will you hear eating a steak a sacrifice! LOL.

That looks like one big hunk of meat, probably good for 2-3 meals. Well, enjoy your dinner.

Daizy said...

Ok, so it wasn't really a scrafice and yes, I will be eating steak fajitas etc... many times this week. The people at work tease me about eating the same thing over and over.