Saturday, September 22, 2007

More Past Its Prime

Well, I cleared out the pantry today and found a couple of ancient items. The expiration date on the marshmallow fluff was 2005!!! I had planned to make that yummy quick fudge but I never did. Now I have to throw it out. The mayo was starting to turn colors. That can't be good. There were some other items, stale cereal and some cookie wafer bars that I never liked. I am tired of moving them from one location to another. They are in the trash now, finally.

Tomorrow I will tackle the fridge. I am a little worried about my RV fridge. When I went out to check on it today, the temp was 50 degrees. That is too warm. I turned the thermostat to max. Hopefully, when I arrived with a load of groceries tomorrow, it will be down to 40. Otherwise, I will have to call the repairman again and since it has been 4 months since the last repair he will probably charge me an arm and a leg again. But I just paid that $800 bill off this month! At least I have a back up fridge in the old mobile home so my food can go in there. It certainly won't be convenient if I am hungry after dark and have to go outside with the rattlesnakes to get food out of the fridge.

So, I am not going to have internet access for the next 2 weeks. I will try to go to the library next weekend and maybe I can post something on my blog. I might type something up at work and email it to someone to post for me. I will miss posting. I enjoy telling you all about my journey and finding the right pictures to add. This has been a nice hobby this summer. Maybe I'll have time for one more post before I dismantle my computer tomorrow. Bye for now.

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