Saturday, September 8, 2007

Saturday Projects

Today, besides cleaning the toilet, sinks, and scrubbing the grout, I am working on my kitchen curtains. Right now they are just sheets hanging on tension rods, attached with safety pins. They look ok until someone tries to move them, adjust them, open them, close them or breathe on them. They have survived one rental season but I think I should try to improve them a little. I don't have the money to buy proper draperies but I can at least sew a hem and pocket and remove the safety pins. Well, I think I can. If I mess up I'll be buying cheap curtains at Big Lots.

These are the 'before' pictures. I went out to my RV and got my sewing machine and supplies. I thought I had some burgundy material that I could use but I only had green. I had planned to get started today but I just did a lot of staring at my current curtains and I decided not to take them down until I'm ready to start. Hopefully I will have 'after' pictures tomorrow.

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