Monday, September 10, 2007

I Got the Dental Blues

I am trying to be responsible this year and establish the usual doctor and dentist relationships since I recently moved to this town. This is proving to be VERY EXPENSIVE! Today I went to my new dentist. I came out with an estimated bill for $2300 ($1300 of that would be my responsibility). Ok, it has been a year and a half since I have been to the dentist but before that I went faithfully every 6 months. Every back tooth in my head has had some work. Now this dentist says that the on-lays I got back in 2003 need to be replaced with crowns. On-lays are partial crowns that save more of the original tooth. So not only have I paid for fillings for these two teeth, but also root canals, on-lays, and now they need crowns? Why don't I just wait until they fall out and have implants put in? I will probably need them eventually anyway.

The dentist said that one of the teeth with an on-lay has a cavity and she thinks it is cracked. I don't think it is cracked. I know there is a tooth back there that hurts every now and then but I don't think she picked the right one. If the tooth already had a root canal why would it be hurting? I don't want her putting a new crown on a tooth when I am not sure it is even the right tooth. Crowns are too expensive to be guessing.

I feel like I should get the work done while I have dental insurance but I am not sure it is necessary. Those on-lays are only 4 years old. Dental work should come with a warranty. I want it to last at least 15 years. I think I will tell her to fill the cavities the best she can and try not to disturb the on-lay. I am still trying to pay for the $1100 skin cancer bill. Another $1300 bill is just too much to think about right now.


Anonymous said...

I would get a second opinion. I am 40+ years old and never had a cavity. I went to a new dentist (this has been about 10 years ago) and he said I had 5 cavities. So, I went to another dentist he did a check up and said my teeth were fine. Ten years later still no cavities.

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain. I just had gum surgery and it was $1700 out of pocket and I have two dental insurances! Good luck to you.

Daizy said...

Thanks for the comments. I am seriously considering a second opinion and perhaps putting it off for a while. My teeth don't bother me and I need a breather between giant bills.