Thursday, September 13, 2007

Another Sweaty Day

It was 96 degrees most of the day at work today. The AC repairman came back at 3:30 and the AC was fixed by 4. I think we were very lucky that it was fixed in 2 days. I started chatting with the repairman and I asked him how often my home AC should be serviced. He said every year. I kind of knew that but I was hoping it wasn't true. I haven't had any service on my AC since I bought the house. That was 3 years ago! A service call costs $70 assuming nothing else is needed. I guess I should put that in to my budget. $70 is a lot cheaper than the hundreds it would cost if something broke. I also need my garage door oiled/greased what ever they do to it. I wish I knew one person to call that would do all of the routine maintenance. I don't like calling lots of different people, not knowing if they will rip me off and I don't like being alone with strange repairmen. Maybe I'm paranoid but they will know where I live and that I live alone. I usually have to take time off work to meet them at the house too. Oh well, that is part of home ownership isn't it?

The picture above is from February when we had a little snow storm. The only one of the year. Everyone ran outside and took pictures and made tiny snowmen. I just wanted to remember that is does get cooler eventually. Sometimes it feels like summer lasts forever.

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