Friday, August 10, 2007

Ya Friday!

I am so glad it is Friday. Another week of my life is gone but at least I made it through another week of work, and I got paid. It doesn't really seem worth it. A paycheck for a week of my life. I think a week of my life should be worth more than that.

I am baking half of a lemon cake mix. I get sick of cake if I have to eat the whole thing. I could bring it to work to share. Everyone would eat it and then complain that I ruined their diets.

Tomorrow I plan on going thrift store shopping right after I clean out a bag of clothes that I don't like anymore. I have too many clothes that look good on a hanger but not on me. I also plan on mailing a package, taking pictures of my blooming plants for my garden blog, pulling weeds that have sprouted because of the rain, making lasagna and I might go look at mobile homes just to see what I can afford. I am hoping that looking at mobile homes will help me decide whether I want to buy one or build something.

I've been looking at airplane fares for Thanksgiving and Christmas. They are so expensive. I think might have to do Thanksgiving at home this year. I have a couple of invitations already but it won't be the same. I just have to have cranberry sauce shaped like the can, baby sweet pickles, and brown and serve rolls. Well, maybe not the rolls but the cranberry sauce is a must!

Why am I talking about Thanksgiving already? I guess since the kids are back in school and advertisements are talking about Fall, it just feels like Fall. That was the shortest Summer ever. Ok, I want it to get cool now but that doesn't happen until October. I can't wait for lower electric bills again. $200 a month for air conditioning is really making my budget tight. This is always the time of year that I don't have any fun money. Only a couple of more months. I'll just have to amuse myself with this blog. It's fun and free. Just the way I like it.

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