Saturday, August 11, 2007

My Haul at the Thrift Store

I went out today with the intentions of going to 2 nearby thrift stores. The first one was having a sale. All clothes $1 each! I never made it to the second store. I spent 2 hours scouring the racks. I didn't find much for myself but I did find some things that I hope my nieces can wear. If I had paid regular thrift store prices I would have spent $60 for my 13 items. Instead I spent a grand total of $13!

The dresses had been priced high (I thought) for $10 each. One of them had the original Kmart tag on it for $21.99. I finally found a comfortable pair of brown pants for myself and a charcoal pair. The other black pair didn't quite fit. Too tight in the waist. Hmmm, I could go on a diet or re-donate them. I will probably wear them to work once and then re-donate them.

I found a nice white button down shirt that I can wear over a tank top and a plaid shirt that I might wear over one of my many white stretch T's that I think are see-thru. I am not sure orange is a good color for me. That one might go back after I wear it once. But that's ok. I still have the brown pants and white shirt that I like and the clothes for the girls. That was definitely worth $13.

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