Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Making the Most of My Computer

I definitely do not use my computer to its full potential. You would think that I would fully appreciate an item which costs at least $500 and $40 more each month but no. I am spoiled. I take it for granted.

Recently my sister encouraged me to join Facebook.com, which I was reluctant to do because I didn't see how it would be a benefit to me. I joined anyway and slowly I am exploring the tools available with Facebook. I have found some old classmates, joined some groups with like interests, I can listen to music for free, post pictures, and there are many little games or questions to add to my site to keep the communication going.

This blog, and my other garden blog are two more uses for my computer. I am watching much less TV now. The benefit of spending time on the computer compared to watching TV is that I am actually connecting with people on the computer, sharing stories, taking and uploading pictures, researching information. It is not as mind numbing.

I could actually cancel my cable and I don't think I would miss it much. I am not going to cancel it though because I plan to rent this house, but when I move out to my property I am not going to get a satalite dish. I can get 6 channels with an antenna. 6 channels plus my internet connection should keep me entertained.

Speaking of my property, I was out there last weekend and I saw the biggest horned lizard that I have ever seen. They were called horny toads when I was little. We had one as a pet in my kindergarten class. Once again I didn't have my camera. I really have to remember to bring it with me when I go out there again.

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